Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zoho Writer

Zoho was very simple to use.
At first, I had to join up (which wasn't a big deal).
Joining up again, was very simple.

What I like about Zoho is that its almost the same as Microsoft Word so it wasn't very hard to use.
Zoho is unique and special as it allows the document to be done online, instead of saving it into the computer's hard drive and then having to go back and search for it.
Under 'my docs' it has all the documents that I have made after signing up on Zoho.
This means that I can have access to the documents anytime, anywhere and it also means that I won't have to worry about carrying around my USB all the time.
Zoho also lets you to put a link to the document which I think is really cool and handy. If I put a link on my document to go to my blog, then people who come to see my blog will also have access to my document, and they can even write comments.

Lastly, I like it how Zoho allows you to insert EMOTIONS!!!

(One more thing- I just found out while typing this... Blogger doesn't have the underlining text function! I was trying to underline EMOTIONS...oh well, guess I'll have to use bold instead).

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