Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is a useful site as I can add/view URL's of the sites that are relevant to the search topic.
I really needed some maths resources, so I typed in maths under the search.
The results showed me lots of sites.
Then I added my own search roll by editing the current (adding more URL that I have on my favourites) and then I clicked save.
Its very simple to use, and the positive thing about rollyo is that it is made public- so that everyone can share the resources of a particular topic.
Therefore, I think that Rollyo will become more popular over the years, and soon many people will be relying on Rollyo.

(By the way, joining up was very easy-all I had to do was enter a user name, password and my e-mail address. Rollyo is also another free site!) this is the link to my searh rolls.

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