Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Tube

I like going into You Tube to listen to Grease- Summer Nights -
it has always been my favourite song, and I often go to You Tube to see this part of the movie.

For videos related to libraries, my favourite one was 'Another music video...just a little different :-) from The best of library videos blog:
I liked this because he sings his story and it's more catchy to listeners. Plus, I can relate to it quite well as I'm a student myself. XD
I think that if libraries had some videos that showed how the library function, it would be more appealing for the people.
They will know who to look for, where and how to look up key information.

I also like The Amazing Library 101 Challenge, posted on
This was a game, that involved using the library and approaching librarians for help.
By making it a game, people involved in it would've learned a lot about libraries from this, and also the people who watch this will also learn quite a lot on libraries.
I think if we had something like this at our own library, many people will be learn a lot about our libraries too.

I think making a video on NSL featuring how to issue a book on the self check machine, what is needed to join the library, how to use OPAC etc, would attract more patrons to the library. Also, for those who are too embarassed or shy to come up to the desk to ask, can refer to the videos when they need help.

And it's also free to upload videos on You Tube!

You Tube also shows all other videos related to libraries when you enter 'libraries' for searching.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

How to use the self-check videos etc. would be an excellent use of this technology! Now...who could we have as the star demonstrators?