Saturday, September 13, 2008


.Docstoc is a site where many people upload professional documents for others to refer to.
Under 'Home' there are many tags to choose from.
I clicked under educational and .Docstoc showed me some more tags that were related to education.
In general education, .Docstoc produced many many documents in all areas of education- starting from mental disorders to individual subjects.
The documents are all uploaded in different files such as doc or ppt files, and when I clicked onto the title- the documents/slides came up.

I think this site is very useful for me because I can refer to this in my teaching.
For example, I know what ADHD is, but through looking at the document that is uploaded on .Docstoc, I now know much more about it.

For the libraries, I think .Docstoc will also be quite useful as if a patron comes into the library looking for information on a particular subject, then the librarians can use this site to see if there are any extra information on the subject, if there aren't any books in the library.

Because .Docstoc only has professional documents, I presume they have all been checked and edited to make sure that they have the correct information in it, as .Docstoc is all about having 'professional' documents.

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