Monday, July 28, 2008


Flickr is another site that I have never used before, but like Blogger it didn't take long for me to understand how Flickr works.

I like how Flickr has "tags" which makes it much easier to look for a specific 'group' of photos.

It is also good that people who don't have an account to Flickr has access to the photos as well because this means that people can enjoy looking at the photos without bothering to make an account for themselves, just so that they could look at photos put up by other people.

I have been looking around Flickr, firstly clicking on 'explore' and then by clicking on different tags to see different photos.

During this, I have come across some interesting photos, which I would like to share with other people.

Here is the link:

interesting shape of the clouds. Never seen these before. For this image, I clicked on "sky' for the tag.

a satin bowerbird. Strange eyes..doesn't look real.

The tag I used to find this image was 'nature'


Setting up a blog through Blogger was very easy.
I like the way how I can choose different templates for my blog every now and then.
Unlike other sites (blogs) that I have used in the past, Blogger lets me use different font colour and style, which I reckon is very cool.

I was a bit confused with using Blogger in the beginning, as I didn't know where to click to post a comment.
It took me a while for me to realise that I had to click on the top right-hand corner if I wanted to post a comment!

Other than this little confusion, I think Blogger is an easy site for users of all age group!
I shall start recommending Blogger to all my friends now :)

testing out a different font colour

gosh the weather is so bad lately..
wish summer came sooner


my new blog :)
never knew about Blogger until now..
its a cool site.
im liking it!